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New York Film Awards - Judging Team!

In January 2022, Beate Malkus will be part of the Judging Team at the 5th Annual 'New York Film Awards' (USA) and is looking forward to inspiring film work and exchange with her wonderful colleagues in the judging team.                                       

Voice artist for Futur21 - Blast Furnace No.2

Beate Malkus is the voice artist in the multidimensional video work 'Blast Furnace No.2' of Taiwanese artist Su Yu Hsin. Futur21 - Festivalweek 12.03. 2022 at LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattigen. The artistic video work will be part of the permanent collection.

Broadcast notice 'Heute Abend, jederzeit'

The short film 'Heute Abend, jederzeit' (director: Adriano Theill) produced by DFFB/ARTE/SWR for the ARTE series

'You are different' with Beate Malkus in a ensemble role, has been released in the end of 2021.


Audiobook 'Tote sind auch nur Menschen'!

Beate Malkus enjoys reading the audiobook 'Tote sind auch nur Menschen', these days - a novel written by Andree Metzler - it will be online availiable soon!

audio samples!

Beate speaks: please listen to audio samples in German

and in English!

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