'Heute Abend, jederzeit' - team premiere! 

The short film 'Heute Abend, jederzeit' (director: Adriano Theill) produced by DFFB/ARTE/SWR for the ARTE series 'Ich bin anders' with Beate Malkus in a wonderful role, celebrates its team screening in February - looking forward to the screening and to its later on following public release!

'The End of the Universe' in pre-producten! 

Beate Malkus will play the role of the artificial intelligence Sofi in this Sci-Fi drama 'The End of the Universe' by Simon Handle. Excited!

A Perfect Crime - released in September 2020!

Beate Malkus plays the role of a RAF terrorist in the new Netflix series 'A Perfect Crime' directed by Jan Peter. The series has been released in the end of September 2020.


Audiobook 'Tote sind auch nur Menschen'!

Beate Malkus enjoys reading the audiobook 'Tote sind auch nur Menschen', these days - a novel written by Andree Metzler - it will be online availiable soon!

audio samples!

Beate speaks: please listen to audio samples in German

and in English!