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Premiere! Hochofen II - Blast Furnace No.2

Beate Malkus is the voice artist in the multidimensional film essay 'Hochofen II-Blast Furnace No.2' of Taiwanese artist

Su Yu Hsin.

The film essay runs in the German Competition of 39th Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg and celebrates there its international premiere!

The work is also part of the permanent collection of the Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattigen, Germany.

A few new pictures

you'll find here


spring campaign - Bauhaus!

Directed by British director Glenn Kitson, Beate Malkus played in the charming Bauhaus Spring 2023 campaign 'Macht gut, was Euch guttut'.

audio samples!

Beate speaks: please listen to audio samples in German

and in English!


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